12. How to play SERIES SOCCER TIPS like? How to make $ 100 per day

The first thing you need to do is plan a specific game, suitable for the amount of capital you have. Next, you have to choose a reputable and quality source of soccer tips to ensure your winning rate is 100%.

If you want to start with 10$ the maximum capital you must have is 310$

See tips for folding soccer here: https://soccertips.net/series-soccer-tips/

For example:   Choose the first bet level: 10$.

1nd bet:   Bet 10$

  • If this time wins, you continue to bet for the next time 10$ and keep going, winning every 10$.
  • In case you lose at 10$, then you should raise the second bet.

2nd bet:   20$, which is folded, you double it: 10$ x 2 = 20$

  • If this time wins, you bet again at 1 level of 10$.
  • If the 2nd bet is still lost, you raise the 3rd bet.

3nd bet:   Similar to the second bet, you double the previous bet amount, the second time you bet 20$, this time you will bet 40$.

  • Similarly, if this time wins the bet, you bet back to level 1 of 10$.
  • If the 3rd bet is lost, you continue to raise the bet to the next level: 80$.

The loop continues like that.

If you want to place an initial bet with a different amount, you can use the folding calculator below:

Note: You must have a stable source of capital, because if   Your capital is not guaranteed, you will not be able to maintain the betting round when bet at high levels, now you will lose both capital and interest. So you have to know how to manage capital well when you fold the bet.